Danh sách học bổng du học Anh 2018 bậc Thạc sỹ

Học bổng du học Anh

Danh sách học bổng du học Anh 2018 bậc Thạc sỹ

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Điều kiện với mỗi học bổng là khác nhau và tùy từng trường, chuyên ngành học. Học bổng Thạc sỹ Anh quốc từ trước đến nay được đánh giá là khó nhưng cũng khá linh hoạt, liên lạc với Nam Phong để được tư vấn và tìm kiếm học bổng cho mình.
Tên trường University/College

Học bổng du học Anh bậc

Thạc sỹ Postgraduate/Master

Anglia Ruskin University £500 or £1,000
Anglia Ruskin University International Excellence Scholarship – £3,000
Early payment discounts.-  £1,000
MBA scholarship –  £2,500
International Merit Scholarship –  £500 or £1,000
Arts University Bournemouth 10% discount
Aston University Full-Time MBA Early Bird Discount £2,500
Aston Excellence – £3,500-£5,000
Aberystwyth University International Postgraduate Excellence Scholarships – £5,000
Aberystwyth International Scholarships –  £2,000
Aber-grad Scholarships – 
Bangor University Country Scholarship Up to £5,000
Fulbright Bangor University Award Full tuition fee waiver and a stipend of £13,200
University of Bedfordshire
Scholarship Scheme to International Students joining us from January 2018:
An automatic £1,000 Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship.
An additional £500 for students who pay their fees in full before or at registration
A further £500 for Postgraduate students meeting our Merit Scholarship criteria (60% and above marks in your academic subject with an average IELTS score of 6.0 with 5.5 in each band).
A £2,000 Alumni discount for students progressing from Undergraduate to Postgraduate study.
Bournemouth University
£3,500 tuition fee reduction
Full-time applicants for a BU Master’s degree in the Faculty of Management 
50% tuition fee reduction
Applicants for the MBA 50% tuition fee reduction
Full-time applicants for a Faculty of Science & Technology Master’s degree 50% tuition fee reduction
Applicants for a Faculty of Health & Social Sciences postgraduate course 50% tuition fee reduction
Applicants for MSc Public Health 25% tuition fee reduction
Bath Spa University International Office Scholarship
100% of tuition fees (one available)
50% of tuition fees (two available)
Regional Office Scholarship – South East Asia
University College Birmingham £1000 reduction in tuition fees of a Masters programme
Birmingham  City    University       Postgraduate Scholarships – Non EU only
£2,000 if a 1st degree holder
£1,500 if a 2:1 degree holder
£1,000 if a 2:2 degree holder
£500 if a 3rd degree holder
Bournemouth  University Postgraduate scholarships – £2,000
BPP University International Postgraduate Scholarships – £1,000
University of Bradford £2,000 scholarship as a fee reduction
Brunel University London Postgraduate Academic Excellence Scholarship 15% tuition fee discount
University of Bristol  26 Think Big Postgraduate Scholarships cover between 25 and 100 per cent of tuition fees
University of Brighton £5,000 reduction in the cost of your tuition fees, in year one only.
 full tuition fee.
University of Bolton Masters (Taught) Excellence Scholarship
£1,500 will be paid as a tuition fee waiver
University of Buckingham Postgraduate first class scholarship
The scholarship will reduce tuition fees by 33%.
Cardiff  Metropolitan    University MBA Scholarship Award: Up to £1,500
Vice Chancellor Scholarship Award: £1,500
City University London (not including Cass Business School) President’s International Scholarship -£2,000
Aviva Scholarship  – 20%
BPTC Scholarships –  £1,500
Chickchester university MSc International Business
MSc International Business and Finance
MSc International Business and Marketing 
a reduction in tuition fees of £1,500.
Coventry  University CAPS Scholarship – Postgraduate
Amount: £1,500
Cranfield university 10- 20% part of the tuition fee
De Montfort University
Faculty of Arts, Design and Humanities scholarships
£2,500 tuition fee discount
Leicester Castle Business School Principal’s Scholarship
Global MBA Scholarship
£2,000 tuition fee discount
University of Dundee N/A
University of East London MBA Scholarship: £5,000
Falmouth University International Scholarship £5,000
Ediburgh  Napier    University Vietnam Scholarship £4,000 (auto)
University of Exeter Sanctuary Scholarship Full tuition fee waiver plus annual living cost grant
Global Excellence Scholarships Up to £5,000 (auto)
Glasgow Caledonian University Postgraduate Ambassador Studentship
Up to £15,000 full fee scholarship
Plus 10 hours per week paid work placement*
‌A special Santander fee scholarship of £5,000
University of Gloucestershire £5,000 postgraduate scholarship available for all
subject areas
University of Gloucestershire 50% merit based scholarships for
MBA Business Administration
MSc Accounting and Finance
MSc Finance
MA Film Production
MA Landscape Architecture
Goldsmiths, University of London Goldsmiths International Postgraduate Scholarship £5,000
Heriot-Watt University Heriot-Watt Merit Scholarships – 25% fee reduction (overseas), £2,000 fee reduction (Home/RUK/EU)
Heriot-Watt Excellence Scholarships –
 50% fee reduction (overseas)
Heriot-Watt Distinction Scholarships – 100% fee reduction (overseas)
University of Hertfordshire Regional scholarships for South East Asia £4000
University of Huddersfield £2,000 for every year (no application required)
Scholarships to progress from Bachelor’s to Master’s £4,000
Vietnam Business School Scholarships £2000-4000
Vietnam 50% Scholarships (jan 2018)
University of Kent International Scholarship £5,000 for taught – master student
Keele University Keele International Student Scholarship (KISS) £3000
International Smart Minds £5000
University of Leeds Nhiều loại học bổng cho tùy thuộc vào khóa học
Leeds Beckett University Early payment discount of 10%
University of Leicester £3500 President’s Postgraduate
Liverpool John Moores University £2,000
University of Liverpool Vice-Chancellor’s International Attainment Scholarship £2500
University of Lincoln Vietnam Merit Scholarships is valued at £5,000
London South Bank University International Scholarships £1,000
Manchester Metropolitan University Vice-Chancellor International Scholarships, September 2018 and January 2019 Entry (Non-EU Students only) £5000
Middlesex University International Bursaries and Merit Awards
1,000 – £2,000
Newcastle university 2% off annual tuition fee
£12,000 in scholarships for postgraduate study.
Newcastle University London

Business Excellence Scholarships – awards of £2,000 and £5,000

International Scholarships of £3,000 for the first year

Northumbria University London 2% tuition fee discount
Northumbria University 100% or 50% of the Year 1 international tuition fees
University of Nottingham ASEAN master scholarship 20 scholarships of 25% towards tuition fees for students from ASEAN member countries.
Nottingham Trent University Postgraduate Masters Scholarships is usually 25% or 50% of tuition fee
International Scholarships amount: £2,000
Oxford Brookes University Pre-master’s course £1,000 scholarships. There is no need to apply. We will inform you by June or September, depending on your start date
Queen Mary University of London School of Economics and Finance Scholarships from £2,000 to £10,000
Queen’s University Belfast Vietnam International Education Development 100% tuition fee
University of Roehampton £1,000 fee discount
Sheffield Hallam University Discount of up to 25% towards postgraduate tuition fees
University of Sunderland International Scholarship
£1,000 tuition fee reduction
Ulster University £2,000 scholarship applied as discount
University of Bradford Country Specific Scholarships  £2,000
International Academic Excellence Fee Scholarships worth £2,500, £3,000 or £3,500
University of Derby Excellent international student scholarship £5,000
Partnership discount £1,000
Leadership scholarship MBA only £5,000
University of East Anglia INTERNATIONAL EXCELLENCE SCHOLARSHIPS 10% to 50% of tuition fees
University  of Greenwich  Access Scholarship £500
Nationality Scholarship £1,000
University of Huddersfield Vietnam 50% Scholarships 50% reduction in tuition fees
GPA of 8.0 or above = £4,000 scholarship
GPA of 7.5-7.99 = £3,000 scholarship
GPA under 7.5 = £2,000 scholarship
University of Hull  International scholarship £3500 for both under and post grad
£13,500 per year for arts programmes and £16,000 for science courses for 2018 entry
University of Lincoln   Global Postgraduate Merit Scholarships £2,000
Vietnam Merit Scholarships £5,000
University of Northampton The University of Northampton International Scholarship up to a 30% reduction in tuition fees
10% fee reduction
University of South Wales Postgraduate degree courses – £2,000
Master of Business Administration (MBA) – £1,500
MBA – £4,000
Staffordshire University Tùy thuộc vào GPA:
GPA6.0: £1000
GPA 7.0: £1500
>7.0 £2000
Stirling University University of Stirling PGT Vietnam Scholarship £2,000
Stirling Management School International Ambassador Scholarships £6000
University of Strathclyde Full Tuition Fee Scholarship for
 each years (4 years in total)
University of Sussex Sussex MBA Scholarships Up to £5,000
Sussex Vietnam Scholarship £3,500
University of West London International Ambassador Scholarships – £5,000
University of the West of England, Bristol Master of Business Administration (MBA) 50% tuition fees
MSc Human Resource Management (HRM) (International)  100% tuition fees
MSc International Management Scholarship 50% tuition fees
University of Winchester £2000 – £5000 VICE CHANCELLOR’S SCHOLARSHIP
University of York £5,000
University of Worcester International Postgraduate Scholarship – up to £3000
University of Westminster, London PART FEE SCHOLARSHIPS – £3,000 tuition fee award
Half tuition fee award
University of Surrey Scholarship provides a £2,000 cash award


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